A short journey investigating the canal by John Hooper

This film was made for an exhibition curated by Nous Vous on behalf of the Canal and River Trust in conjunction with Contemporary Art Society and Arts Council England. The images were taken alone the canal between Islington, Limehouse and up to Hackney Wick. The sound track is made up of sounds recorded from the canal and from interviews with staff at the Canal and River Trust. It was composed by Michael Wildsmith.

Avi Lasarow by John Hooper

When asked if I would like to push a business man into a swimming pool I jumped at the chance. So often I find business people wary of any photography which doesn’t show them po-faced. Avi is unique both in his business acumen and his willingness to literally throw himself into a photoshoot, above are a few results from the shoot.

Image for the Filter Theater/David Farr/RSC production Silence by John Hooper

My favourite theater company; Filter Theatre have used one of my pictures to promote there new production Silence.
Here is what they say about the production:
Silence follows a disenchanted British journalist travelling to Moscow to meet a controversial theatre-maker. There she uncovers more than she bargained for and profound truths about her own past.
Find out more here: RSC