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Sometimes the best ideas truly are those that are the simplest and laced with humour. Armed with a fine carpenters saw BCMH crafted a perspex fulcrum to create a… wait for it.

… Seesaw!

And we absolutely love the simplicity of the adaptation. BCMH are known for their slick branding across digital, exhibitions and print for clients such as Uniqlo, V&A and the Royal College of Art. And the Seesaw is the perfect compliment to their portfolio of considered and sympathetic work. 

BCMH have also branded this years Design Junction event which is also running during LDF. In charge of all the branding and visual output for the event. They have crafted an identity centred around a directional chevron device and Le Corbusier display font which can be “turned up or down” depending on the required function. The campaign also features photography by Art&Graft regular collaborator John Hooper, who also photographed all of the tools for Tooled Up

by John Hooper


Teaser campaign for Design Junction 2013 & signage photographs.

Some months ago BCMH asked me to take pictures for a teaser ad for the Design Junction show which happened last week. Last week I went to the show to document the signage BCMH had worked on. There is more info on the work at their site here, BCMH

RCA Secrets 2013 by John Hooper

At the end of 2012 I was commissioned by BCMH to shoot some portraits for RCA Secrets 2013. They didn’t like the pictures so using a paint roller they covered up the faces… 

RCA Secrets celebrates it’s 20th year and the show starts on the 14th March find out more here. Again it was a pleasure working with BCMH and they continue to produce some of the best work out there. LOOK!

BCMH and the Crafts Council by John Hooper

I have known BCMH through the stylish work my friend Neil Bridge has done with them over the years.  Through the Crafts Council they commissioned me to photograph the designers for the recent Added Value show and to photograph aspects of their working methods. The printed catalogue they produced and the photographs I took for the working methods is reproduced above.

Print Work, Art and Graft, Sam Bebbington and Spectrum by John Hooper

I have worked on various projects with Art & Graft enjoying a long friendship with their founder and Creative Director, Michael Moloney. They recently took on the task of re-branding Spectrum a provider of specialist care services for people with autistic Spectrum Disorders, associated conditions and challenging behaviours.
I had been working with Spectrum on various projects and when asked to organise some of the pictures I had taken of Cornwall for them it was Art & Grafts task to instruct their designer of choice Sam Bebbington at Present Studio to put together the book.  I am very pleased with the way it has been produced and think the simplicity of the design sits beautifully with the images.

Nous Vous and the Canal and River Trust by John Hooper

This is the literature produced for the Canal and River Trust exhibition for which I produced the film below. The red image is also my photographic sketch investigating the repetition of the bollards along the canal. Nous Vous is a small and close-knit collective made up of three practitioners collaborating on graphic design work, illustration, exhibitions and other self-initiated projects.

Bravo Charlie Mike Hotel by John Hooper

Last week I took some pictures for BCMH of the exhibition graphics they designed and installed for Design Junction. It is always a pleasure to work with talented people and BCMH are one of the most succinct and stylish studios out there. The above images are on the homepage for the BCMH website the former two being on a mobile and the latter on a desktop.