TOOLED UP: BCMH, SEESAW / by John Hooper

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Sometimes the best ideas truly are those that are the simplest and laced with humour. Armed with a fine carpenters saw BCMH crafted a perspex fulcrum to create a… wait for it.

… Seesaw!

And we absolutely love the simplicity of the adaptation. BCMH are known for their slick branding across digital, exhibitions and print for clients such as Uniqlo, V&A and the Royal College of Art. And the Seesaw is the perfect compliment to their portfolio of considered and sympathetic work. 

BCMH have also branded this years Design Junction event which is also running during LDF. In charge of all the branding and visual output for the event. They have crafted an identity centred around a directional chevron device and Le Corbusier display font which can be “turned up or down” depending on the required function. The campaign also features photography by Art&Graft regular collaborator John Hooper, who also photographed all of the tools for Tooled Up