still life

Kenneth Grange shirt shot for Margaret Howell by John Hooper

Shot recently with Margaret Howell to show off a new shirt designed out of a collaboration between Kenneth Grange and Margaret Howell.

“For me this project has been challenging because, instead of being in total control of my own design, I’ve had to work out someone else’s requirements and ideas, while satisfying my own aesthetic – not easy. Yet this is something Kenneth Grange routinely does in the field of industrial design throughout his long, versatile and successful career.”

- Margaret Howell

“At 80 new commissions come through the door more rarely. So when Margaret calls to suggest the collaboration my heart lifts. And even more is the treat when, ignoring the suit I made myself at art school, this would be first sally into her world.

Only to find that our worlds are surprisingly alike. It is in the details, as Mies van der Rohe said, that God lives.”

- Kenneth Grange

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