Tooled Up: Chrissie Macdonald / by John Hooper

When Peepshow agreed to be involved we sent them a whole range of tools ready for whichever members of the collective wanted to be involved. Once the tools had been dispersed to the other members there were three remaining, so Chrissie Macdonald took each of them on with great results. Each tool was altered with a mix of Chrissies signature paper craft, structural style and a sensitive, yet vibrant colour palette.  

The first tool was an old, slightly blunt plane “The shape of this tool informed the outcome; I instantly recognised it as a figure so added a few elements to enhance this but didn’t want to alter the tool too much as I think it’s a beautiful piece of wood as it is.

Tool: Carpenters Saw

When I first picked up this hand-saw I imagined it to be a large saw belonging to a small creature.

I removed the handle to eliminate reference to a human scale.“

Tool: Screwdriver

Long reach escape device (for accessing air vents).

A group of tools arrived at our Peepshow studio and we ended up with a couple of spares; this little screwdriver was the runt of the set so I wanted to give it a special purpose. 

By extending the handle it now has more of a physical presence and serves as a tool to aid your escape when trapped in a cupboard or elevator. 

You just need to keep it on you at all times.“

Chrissie Macdonald is a London-based illustrator, maker and art director.

As part of Peepshow Collective she works both on her own 3D pieces for clients such as the V&A, Orange, New York Times magazine, Creative Review and Wallpaper* as well as collaboratively with the other members on illustration, animation and installation projects.