Tooled Up: MVM / by John Hooper

Original Art & Graft postimageMagnus Voll Mathiassen received a traditional wooden hammer. Having removed the original handle he then crafted a new one from birch. As MVM explains, “I was simply trying to make the tool a bit uncomfortable. A hammer is just a default tool everyone has a relationship to, and therefore easy to create a sense of something uncomfortable just looking at it after the transformation.

The tool actually got quite ergonomic. I failed my personal mission. The thing that I got right was to make the finish on the handle fit the old hammerhead, I think.”

MVM is a graphic design studio established by Norwegian graphic designer and illustrator Magnus Voll Mathiassen in 2009. Magnus was a co-founder of the studio Grandpeople, which received worldwide design acclaim. Magnus currently works on illustration, graphic design, and art direction projects for clients such as Nike, Rihanna, Sephora, L’Officiel Hommes Italia, The Fader, Microsoft, Adidas, Neenah paper, ESP Institute, Little White Lies, Sony Playstation, Rune Grammofon, Bergen International Festival, Intel, Nordic, MTV, Skype, Converse, Rita Ora, and Varoom Magazine.

MVM’s work has been exhibited at Chamount International Poster Festival, Somerset House, and London’s contemporary graphic art fair, Pick Me Up. MVM has been featured in a number of worldwide publications including Musikraphics by Victionary, Supersonic by DGV, Cover Art and Logo by Laurence King Publishing, 1000 Supreme CD designs by Maomao, Eye Magazine, Grafik Magazine, Computer Arts, Varoom, and Tokion.