Kodak Portra 400 NC

Richard Hawley, Sharons Cafe, Castle Market, Sheffield by John Hooper

This first image is from a shoot I did with Richard Hawley; some time ago for the Guardian Guide. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time because I was looking for a different thing for the final images but looking back today I really like this image. The focus is on his hand and there is a lot going on but its this which make the image interesting to me now. The image below is from later on in the day after a tour of the Henderson’s Relish factory.  Other shots from this shoot here.

Spectrum portraits by John Hooper

I mentioned previously I had been working on portraits for the charity Spectrum. The site has now been published and more exciting additions will be online soon. Above is just a selection of the 36 portraits I did for them.  Please click through to the charities site to find out about the important work they do. This project has involved many great creative people including Art & Graft, (who worked with Everywhere and Collective Approach).

I have also made a little film about some of Spectrum’s work with Tom Collinson, Jamie Turner on camera, Jason Read on the Edit and John Brown on credits. Coming soon.