Mark Lascelles Thornton

by John Hooper


I recently went to Penzance in Cornwall for a show from Spectrum (see more here). I traveled down with my friend Mark Lascelles Thornton (see his work here) and we stayed at a brilliant hotel in Mousehole. On the way back we decided to awake at 5.30 to catch the sunrise over Dartmoor. We set of from the hotel in pitch darkness but by the time we got to Dartmoor we realised we were in the clouds and for the sunrise we had a view about 5 inches from the ends of our feet. As the clouds lifted I managed to get some great photos of the landscape.

Mark Lascelles Thornton in Blackpool by John Hooper

This is my friend Mark Lascelles Thornton who is nearing the end of what can only be described as drawing sadism. For the last two years Mark has been working on “The Happiness Machine” an 8 panel pen and ink on paper drawing 8ft x 5ft depicting a city scape combining the tallest buildings from around the world. See Marks site here for the details of the amazing drawing.



Spectrum portraits by John Hooper

I mentioned previously I had been working on portraits for the charity Spectrum. The site has now been published and more exciting additions will be online soon. Above is just a selection of the 36 portraits I did for them.  Please click through to the charities site to find out about the important work they do. This project has involved many great creative people including Art & Graft, (who worked with Everywhere and Collective Approach).

I have also made a little film about some of Spectrum’s work with Tom Collinson, Jamie Turner on camera, Jason Read on the Edit and John Brown on credits. Coming soon.